ECI's family of SMT antenna coils may be used in many applications from keyless entry, keyless go, RFID, sensor monitoring and other transponder or data transmission applications. Designed using injection-molded ferrites, these low-profile antennas have enhanced reliability, smaller size and lower cost due to the elimination of the extra ferrite-mounting substrate interface. With the addition of our surface-mount "dot" for reliable "pick & place", size is absolutely minimized. Antenna geometries range from the traditional X-Y direction, "Z" direction or the new "3-D"antenna. In addition, we can apply a "heat seal" surface on the underside of the antenna, which will bond the component to the PCB during the reflow process for the ultimate in shock & vibration resistance.

Ferrite based antennas operate in frequency ranges of 5kHz up to 200MHz, while a typical application frequency is 125 kHz. Our 3-D antenna coils have balanced windings resulting in an Isotropic response (same induced voltage vs magnetic field strength on all 3 axes, resulting in the same sensitivity for all 3 axes). The orthogonal structure of our 3-D antennas eliminates antenna orientation problems. Other values or versions are available on request.

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